Published: 2016-11-08

Teaching and Learning

Designing and Implementing a Comprehensive Simulation Curriculum in Internal Medicine Residency

Khalid Azzam MBBS, Parveen Wasi MD, Ameen Patel MB
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A Blueprint for Global Health Curriculum Development: The McMaster Internal Medicine Residency Program Experience

Tim M. O’Shea MD MPH, Christian B. Kraeker MD MSc, Shariq Haider MD, Zahira Khalid MBBS, Amitabha Chakroborty MBBS MD, Daniela Leto MD, Madeleine Verhovsek MD, Bram Rochwerg MD, Joshua J. Manolakos MD, Nadine Kronfli MD MPH, Ameen Patel MB
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What an Internist Needs to Know about Statistics

Dale Gardiner MBBS MBioEth, Caroline Hird MBChB MPH
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Knowledge as Practice: Rethinking Medical Education

Ayelet Kuper MD DPhil
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Case Report

Disseminated Herpes Zoster in an Apparently Healthy Middle-Aged Woman

Ben J. Wilson MD, Melanie Chin MD, Jeffrey P. Schaefer MD
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Hydrophobia Associated with Severe Hypernatremia, Acute Kidney Injury, and Rhabdomyolysis

Mohammed Almaani MD, Raymond Kao MD
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Message from the Editor-in-Chief

“Keepers of the Meaning”

Donald Farquhar MD SM
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Role Models & Mentors

Reflections on Dr. Allan D. Cohen

Donald Farquhar MD SM
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