Dear CJGIM Authors,


As you may be aware, the Canadian Journal of General Internal Medicine (CJGIM) is aiming to attain indexing (i.e., impact factor) status with the National Library of Medicine. One of the criteria to assess suitability for indexing is the degree to which a journal’s articles are cited. The other criteria include the peer-review process and the article submission-to-acceptance ratio, which we are addressing.


As authors of CJGIM articles, we ask you, where appropriate, to consider citing CJGIM articles (including your own) in upcoming papers you plan to publish.


If we can reach our goal of attaining indexing status, this will have a ‘positive feedback effect’, to allow more submissions, including more original research papers from colleagues in GIM and beyond.


Thank you for your assistance in promoting the CJGIM, the vehicle to showcase the scholarship and related activities of CSIM members and other general internists.


Sincerely yours,


Jim Douketis

Editor-in-Chief, CJGIM

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Please click here to access the COVID-19 Survival Guide - 1st Edition McMaster University, Department of Medicine
Hamilton, ON, Canada.

"The COVID-19 McMaster Survival Guide is a concise, yet comprehensive, easy to read & navigate, practical manual relating to the clinical aspects, diagnostic approach, prevention and management of COVID-19 infection and its disease spectrum. It demonstrates best practice and best evidence available at the time of publication. This article will prove to be beneficial as a quick reference for internists, subspecialists, hospitalists, medical learners (students/residents), allied health and other medical professionals in both the hospital and outpatient setting to help with patient management. We have also included information on mental health, pregnancy and palliative care in COVID 19 patients, which is not always found in all guides. Most of the principles in the guide are universal depending on the medical resources available. Moreover, there are also several useful links for videos, relevant articles and PDFs from authentic sources. The guide is based on the understanding that the situation with COVID-19 is evolving on a day-to-day basis and for that reason, it will be updated regularly by the authors. The Guide is a collective effort by a specialist in Internal Medicine, Infectious Disease, Critical Care and a medical graduate."


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