A Blueprint for Global Health Curriculum Development: The McMaster Internal Medicine Residency Program Experience

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Tim M. O’Shea MD MPH
Christian B. Kraeker MD MSc
Shariq Haider MD
Zahira Khalid MBBS
Amitabha Chakroborty MBBS MD
Daniela Leto MD
Madeleine Verhovsek MD
Bram Rochwerg MD
Joshua J. Manolakos MD
Nadine Kronfli MD MPH
Ameen Patel MB

global health curriculum, mcmaster residency experience,


Medical schools and residency programs are increasingly active within the realm of global health. Surveys suggest that most medical schools participate in global health–related activities, although the goals and scope vary widely.1 Studies from Yale and Duke Universities showed that internal medicine residents who travelled abroad on a clinical elective gained knowledge in tropical medicine, tended to favour more general specialties, and worked more often with other marginalized populations.2,3
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