A Time for Change

In 2014 I joined the Canadian Journal of General Internal Medicine as its new Editor-in-Chief. During the past four years I have enjoyed the opportunity to steer the journal on its mission to improve communication amongst practising internists, internal medicine residents, health care planners, the Royal College and the CSIM.

Enhancing resident engagement will continue to be very important for the journal, as the residents represent the future of GIM. During the past four years we have seen an increase in the number of submissions from medical residents in the form of case reports. Residents, in collaboration with their mentors, have also expressed their views in the journal regarding the transformation of the residency education environment. In addition, we have published the top abstracts from a resident research day conducted at a Canadian residency program. We hope to see other centres follow suit. But getting residents to submit manuscripts of systematic reviews and articles on quality assurance projects still needs work, and it will require further engagement with the residency program directors across the country.

While we continue to strive to attain PubMed indexing for CJGIM, the journal’s contents can already be found on Google Scholar and digital searching on health-related topics has brought viewers to the journal’s web site. A number of informative articles relating to postgraduate medical education, particularly with a Canadian perspective, are available for reading through the journals on-line archives.

The journal has been publishing for 12 consecutive years and it is once again a time for change. As of April 1st, 2018 I will step down as Editor-in-Chief and Dr. Jim Douketis will assume that role. In addition, the journal has recently added three new Deputy Editors to the Editorial Board. I am confident that Jim and his team will bring with them new ideas and energy that will take CJGIM to a new level of activity and excellence.