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Annabelle Cumyn
Sharon E Card, Dr
Paul Gibson, Dr




Obstetric Medicine is an area of expertise within General Internal Medicine (GIM) in Canada. Essential content for clinical rotations for GIM residents was identified by subject-matter experts (N=204 items). However, this work did not address the perspective of curriculum stakeholders.


Members of the Canadian GIM Specialty Committee (GIMSC) were surveyed to obtain their perspective on essential content that GIM residents should acquire in Obstetric Medicine.


GIMSC members (N=14) selected “core content” which reduced the initial content blueprint by 72%. Some sections of the blueprint were left largely unchanged (e.g., hypertensive disorders of pregnancy), whereas others were removed entirely (e.g., transplant medicine).


GIMSC were more selective than Canadian Obstetric Internists in choosing the essential content for GIM residents, with a moderate overall agreement of 78% (kappa coefficient of 0.53). Comparison of perspectives and content mapping may provide useful validity evidence for further work.


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