Message from the Editor-in-Chief
The Voice of Canadian General
As a new decade is upon us, it is an opportunity for some of us
to reflect on the past decades accomplishments and milestones
achieved whereas for others it is simply another fleeting moment
on the space-time continuum. As I write, on this palindromic
(02022020) day, this space provides me the privileged opportunity
to share my reflections on the Journal and, with some humility, on
our journey as clinicians in the world of general internal medicine.
The Canadian Journal of General Internal Medicine your
journal is entering its third decade of existence, having been
launched in 2006 by Dr. Hector Baillie who is now an ongoing
contributor to the Casebook of a Community Internist” segment of
the Journal. More recently, the Journal was been led by Dr. Mitchell
Levine who increased its academic profile and transitioned the
to an online format allowing us to reach a broader
audience in a more cost-efficient (and tree-sparing) manner. As I
enter the third year of my tenure as editor-in-chief, my foremost
goal for the current decade is to have the Journal achieve
indexing status by the U.S.
National Library of Medicine. Along
with deputy editors, Drs.
Rodrigo Cavalcanti, Ameen Patel, and
John You, we have started the process towards this goal, and
when (not if) achieved, it will
provide the springboard to attract
the highest scholarship in general
internal medicine (GIM) in
Canada and abroad. However, we will
always retain the Journals mission of being the voice of Canadian
general internists.
Indeed, the chorus of voices belonging to general internists has
also, in the last decade, swelled to an overwhelming crescendo. The
catalyst, in my view, occurred in 2011 when the Royal College of
Physicians and Surgeons of Canada granted subspecialty status to
GIM. This change, coupled with the development of GIM training
programs across Canada led by many dedicated program directors,
has led to a surge of interest in GIM which has become one of the
most desired destinations for medical school graduates. One can
safely say that in medical practice, the 10s were the decade of GIM
in Canada.
Finally, in the midst of the ongoing novel coronavirus epidemic,
we can also reflect on our fortunate positions as general internists
in a country with a health care system which, though imperfect,
remains the envy of many other nations. Let us embrace the new
decade with vigour, determination, and humility.
James Douketis MD
Canadian Journal of General Internal Medicine
Canadian Journal of General Internal Medicine
6 Volume 15, Issue 1, 2020
Message from the Editor-in-Chief
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