Published: 2015-11-28

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Original Research

Physicians’ Appraisal and Response to Early Evidence on Cardiovascular Risk Associated with Rosiglitazone: Knowledge Translation in Clinical Practice

Garielle E. Brown, Adriane M. Lewin MSc, Michael A. De Souza BSc, Alun L Edwards MD, William A. Ghali MD MPH, Doreen M. Rabi MD MSc
Abstract 674 | PDF Downloads 310 HTML Downloads 462 | DOI

High Incidence of Preoperative Mild Cognitive Impairment in Elderly Surgical Patients

Daniel Newman MSc,, Beth-Ann Cummings MD MSc, Howard Chertkow MD, Shannon Fraser MD MSc, Simon Bergman MD MSc
Abstract 673 | PDF Downloads 495 HTML Downloads 532 | DOI

Quality of Bedside Procedures Performed on General Medical In-patients: Can We Do Better?

Thomas E. MacMillan MD, Robert C. Wu MD MSc, Dante Morra MD MBA
Abstract 664 | PDF Downloads 807 HTML Downloads 523 | DOI

Clinical Medicine: The Art And Science

Acute Care SINS: Surgical Insights for the Non-surgeon - Chapter 6: Colon

Sarah Mueller MD, Peter G. Brindley MD, Rachel G. Khadaroo MD PhD
Abstract 1247 | PDF Downloads 462 HTML Downloads 8552 | DOI

Humanities and Bioethics