Published: 2016-01-19

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Message from the Editor-in-Chief

Understanding the Biomedical - Behavioural Continuum

Mitch Levine
Abstract 877 | PDF Downloads 416 HTML Downloads 426 | DOI

Clinical Medicine: The Art And Science

An Approach to ‘The Social Admission’

Melissa K. Andrew MD, PhD, Colin Powell, MB, FRCP
Abstract 2702 | PDF Downloads 4000 HTML Downloads 654 | DOI

Handover: The Fragile Lines of Communication

Andrew Smaggus MD, Adina S. Weinerman MD
Abstract 1431 | PDF Downloads 1124 HTML Downloads 993 | DOI

An Internist’ Journey with Behavioural Medicine

W.M. Goldberg MD, DSc (Hon), FRCPC, FACP
Abstract 1139 | PDF Downloads 484 HTML Downloads 783 | DOI

Seeing Wisely: The Pursuit of Clinical Expertise

Ben J Wilson MD
Abstract 868 | PDF Downloads 403 HTML Downloads 1573 | DOI

A Rose By Any Other Name?

Richard Marlin PhD
Abstract 933 | PDF Downloads 451 HTML Downloads 756 | DOI

Acute Care SINS: Surgical Insights for the Non-surgeon - Chapter 13: Spine Surgery SINS

Aaron S. Robichaud MD, David B. Clarke MDCM PhD, Cian O’Kelly MD, Martin Beed DM, Peter G. Brindley MD
Abstract 1351 | PDF Downloads 598 HTML Downloads 2618 | DOI

Case Report

A 54-Year-Old Female With Fever and Ataxia

Marie-Lie Cadieux-Simard MD, Laurence Green MD
Abstract 866 | PDF Downloads 508 HTML Downloads 894 | DOI

Diagnostic Approaches: Images in GIM Acute Infectious Epiglottitis

Jeff Shrum MD, Ben J Wilson BJ
Abstract 747 | PDF Downloads 398 HTML Downloads 625 | DOI

Severe Acute Cytomegalovirus Infection Complicated by Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation and Pneumonitis in a Healthy Female

Zain Chagla MD, Deborah Siegal MD, Phillippe El-Helou MD, Wendy Lim MD, Jill Rudkowski MD
Abstract 892 | PDF Downloads 534 HTML Downloads 806 | DOI

Unilateral Adrenal Hemorrhage and the Challenge Of Early Recognition

Resheed Alkhiari MBBS, Dana Attar MBBS, Christian Kraeker MD
Abstract 818 | PDF Downloads 520 HTML Downloads 1428 | DOI

Spontaneous Four Limb Compartment Syndrome

Giovanna Riolo MD, Danny Arora MD, David Taylor MD, Gavin CA Wood MBChB, FRCS
Abstract 1049 | PDF Downloads 766 HTML Downloads 756 | DOI

Submucosal Lesions Presenting With Rectal Bleeding-Endometriosis in the GI Tract

Fahd Jowhari MD, Pearl Behl, MD, PhD, Sean Pritchett, MD, FRCPC
Abstract 891 | PDF Downloads 576 HTML Downloads 5183 | DOI

A Suspected Case Of Endoscopic Ultrasound Induced Pancreatitis, Without Fine Needle Aspirate

Michael John Abunassar BSc, BA, MD, Loree Boyle, BN, MD, FRCPC, Avijit Chaterjee, MSc, MDCM. FRCPC
Abstract 1329 | PDF Downloads 595 HTML Downloads 1061 | DOI