Published: 2016-01-19

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Original Research

Education Research Productivity of Academic Physicians

Liam Rourke PhD, Dale Storie MA MLIS
Abstract 284 | PDF Downloads 166 HTML Downloads 175


Lessons from History: Still Relevant in the “Information Age”

Peter G. Brindley MD
Abstract 299 | PDF Downloads 173 HTML Downloads 151

Clinical Medicine: The Art And Science

Medical Problems in Pregnant Women

Michèle Mahone MSc MD, Nadine Sauvé MD
Abstract 389 | PDF Downloads 132 HTML Downloads 438

Acute Care SINS: Surgical Insights for the Non-surgeon - Chapter 5: Small Bowel SINS

Rachel G. Khadaroo MD PhD, Kamran Fathimani MD, Peter G. Brindley MD
Abstract 277 | PDF Downloads 198 HTML Downloads 2474

Case Report

Scurvy in the Context of End-Stage Liver Disease

Amiirah Aujnarain MSc, Michael Hackett CD CCPA, Kumanan Wilson MD MSc
Abstract 299 | PDF Downloads 422 HTML Downloads 365

Message from the President

We Are General Internists

Benjamin Chen MD
Abstract 266 | PDF Downloads 133 HTML Downloads 269

Health Promotion, Policy and Advocacy

Restricting Marketing of Unhealthy Foods: Should General Internists Engage?

Norm Campbell MD, Tara Duhaney MHSc
Abstract 470 | PDF Downloads 200 HTML Downloads 150