Published: 2016-07-16

Teaching and Learning

General Internal Medicine Subspecialty Training Update

Sharon E. Card MD MSc
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Implementation of a Comprehensive Procedural Skills Examination for Internal Medicine Using Simulation at the University of Calgary: A Descriptive Report

Irene W. Y. Ma MD MSc, Maria Bacchus MD MSc, Jennifer Glow, Charlene Brass, Liz Fradgley BHSc, Michael Fisher MD MSc, Ghazwan Altabbaa MD, Jeffrey P. Schaefer MSc MD
Abstract 166 | PDF Downloads 190 HTML Downloads 199

Perspectives on the Clinician-Scientist Pathway: A Survey of Cardiology Fellows

Olivier Desplantie MDCM, Kristian B. Filion PhD, Mark J. Eisenberg MD MPH
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Original Research

Personal Observation: Intravenous Aminophylline Treatment for Migraine

Michael Kenyon MD, Barry Phillips MD, Christiaan DeWit MBBCh
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Message from the Editor-in-Chief

Practising Internal Medicine in an Age of Miracles

Donald Farquhar MD SM
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L’exercice de la médecine interne à l’ère des miracles

Donald Farquhar MD SM
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Humanities and Bioethics

Patient Profiling

Kirsten Jewell MD
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Diagnostic Approaches

Calcific Pericarditis

Ben J. Wilson MD
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The Resident's View

Medical Dreams and Academic Pressure: The Terror of Indecision

Ben J. Wilson MD
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