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Addressing the Opioid Problem

Mitch Levine
Abstract 604 | PDF Downloads 263 | DOI

Le problème des opioïdes

Mitch Levine
Abstract 542 | PDF Downloads 232 | DOI

Case Report

Hypercalcemia in Colorectal Cancer

Rakin Jamal, Caroline Mariano
Abstract 681 | HTML Downloads 830 PDF Downloads 277 | DOI

Delayed Allergic Cutaneous Hypersensitivity to Icodextrin

NIKESH Reddy Adunuri, Saira Zafar
Abstract 610 | HTML Downloads 424 PDF Downloads 296 | DOI

A Perplexing Case of the Pituitary Apoplexy

Wenyin Huang, Taleen Haddad, Delvina Hasimja Saraqini
Abstract 643 | HTML Downloads 397 PDF Downloads 299 | DOI

Hepatic Sarcoidosis

Joshua Nero, Gregory Gilmour
Abstract 768 | HTML Downloads 575 PDF Downloads 304 Biochemical response of ALP and platelet count after initiation of doxycycline Downloads 0 Contrast-enhanced CT scan of the abdomen demonstrating hypoattenuating lesions in the liver and spleen Downloads 0 | DOI

Hepatic Ductopenia and Vanishing Bile Duct Syndrome Following Anabolic Androgenic Steroid Use: A Case Report and Literature Review.

Adam Edward Mazzetti, Resheed Alkhiari, Vidhya Nair, Ted Xenodemetropoulos
Abstract 917 | HTML Downloads 463 PDF Downloads 329 | DOI

Clinical Medicine: The Art And Science

An Assessment of Specialist Physician Referral Practices for Long-Term Cardiovascular Risk Reduction in the Community: Are We Using Our Available Resources?

Kathryn Watson, Janeve Desy, Eliana Castillo, T. Lee-Ann Hawkins, Amy Metcalfe
Abstract 596 | HTML Downloads 264 PDF Downloads 280 Untitled Downloads 0 | DOI