Published: 2018-03-05

Message from the Editor-in-Chief

Time for Change

Mitch Levine
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Un temps pour le changement

Mitch Levine
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The Top 5 Papers of 2016-2017 for General Internists

Kieran Lewis Quinn, Emily Hughes, Amol A Verma
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Case Report

Q Fever Endocarditis: A Diagnostic Dilemma

Rebecca Angela Jeffery, Steve Walsh, Babar Haroon
Abstract 253 | HTML Downloads 57 PDF Downloads 81 | DOI

Late Presentation of Disseminated Bacillus Calmette-Guerin infection in an Immunocompetent Male: a Case Report

Virgil Vasile Captan, Pouneh Dokouhaki, Kim Solez, Artur Szkotak, Fraulein Morales
Abstract 161 | HTML Downloads 58 PDF Downloads 55 | DOI

A Curious Case of Hypercalcemia

Douglas Ian Noboru Motomura, Paul Allan Cameron
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Teaching and Learning

Implementation of a Progressive Three-Year Point of Care Ultrasound Curriculum for Internal Medicine Residents

Kim Lewis, Leslie Martin, Adam Mazzetti, Abubaker Khalifa, Karen Geukers, Matthew Sibbald, Andrew Gibson, Zahira Khalid, Lori Whitehead, Khalid Azzam
Abstract 291 | PDF Downloads 120 Appendix Downloads 0 HTML Downloads 4 | DOI

Integrating the Health of Socially Vulnerable Populations into Residency Programs.

Luke Rannelli, Karen Tang, Rahim Kachra, Janeve Desy, Gabriel Fabreau
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