Message from the Editor-in-Chief

Health Promotion Heroes

James Douketis
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Heros de la promotion de la sante

James Douketis
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Clinical Medicine: The Art And Science

BMJ Rapid Recommendations: A Possible Revolution in Clinical Practice Guidelines

Gordon Guyatt, Thomas Agoritsas, Lyubov Lytvyn, Reed Siemieniuk, Per Vandvik
Abstract 774 | pdf Downloads 734 HTML Downloads 288 | DOI

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Original Research

Gender Equity in Academic Medicine: Why Should We Care?

Sonia S. Anand, Anita I. Anand, BA, BA, LLB, LLM
Abstract 565 | pdf Downloads 417 HTML Downloads 295 | DOI

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Case Reports and Clinical Images

Not Every Low Back Pain is a Radiculopathy

Pankaj Bansal, Laura Grennan, Karthik Mahadevappa, Emilia Semenov, Shanker Nesathurai
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Case Report

Metastatic Breast Cancer Presenting as Refractory Anemia

Julie Beaudoin-Maitre, Chantal Vallée
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Liver Abscess Metastatic Syndrome Caused by Hypermucoviscous Klebsiella Pneumoniae in a Canadian Patient of Vietnamese Origin

Sandra Patricia Criales Doria, Alexandre Lafleur, Philippe Gervais
Abstract 545 | pdf Downloads 487 HTML Downloads 221 | DOI

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A Challenging Case of Non-resolving Pneumonia: Keeping Antisynthetase Syndrome In the Differential Diagnosis

Stephanie Lapinsky, MD, Jessica Leen, MD, Jessica Mak, BSc. Pharm (Hons), RPh. MD Candidate , Mohammed A. Shafiee, MD
Abstract 488 | pdf Downloads 411 HTML Downloads 275 | DOI

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Renal Limited Lupus-Like Nephritis

Jumana Amir, Salwa Sheikh, Abdulrazack Amir
Abstract 533 | pdf Downloads 984 HTML Downloads 209 | DOI

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