Published: 2020-02-29

Message from the Editor-in-Chief

The Voice of Canadian General Internists

James Douketis
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La voix des internistes généraux canadiens

James Douketis
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Teaching and Learning

The Core Internal Medicine Training: Evolving beyond the Clinical Teaching Unit

Mohamed Panju, Lori Whitehead, Leslie Martin
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Original Research

Process Mapping to Examine How Goals of Care Discussions and Decisions about Life-Sustaining Treatments Occur On Medical Wards: A Multi-Center Observational Study

Dev Jayaraman, Nishan Sharma, Alannah Smrke, Jessica Simon, Peter Dodek, Daren Heyland, John You (ED)
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Casebook of a Community Internist

Cramps and the Casual Consultation

Hector M Baillie
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Case Report

Rhabdomyolysis as a Side Effect of the Drug Interaction Between Atorvastatin and Sacubitril/Valsartan

Ka Hong (Casey) Chan, Payam Pournazari, Patick Champagne
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A Case of Neurosarcoidosis Initially Diagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis

Pauline Kosalka, Ayman Hassan
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APC/Rocky Mountain Conference Abstracts

Rocky Mountain ACP/AMA Internal Medicine Conference

Dougmar Publishing Group
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