This Special Issue was conceived and coordinated by  Guest Editor Dr. Ameen Patel, MB, FRCP(C), MACP, FRCP(Edin.), FRCP(Glas.)

Original Research

Perioperative Assessment and Management of Patients with Heart Failure

Mena Gewarges, Claudia Frankfurter, Michael McDonald
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Page 28-37

Perioperative management of Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Arnaud Romeo Mbadjeu Hondjeu, Frances Chung, Jean Wong
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Page 1-16

Detection of Postoperative Vital Signs Abnormalities on a Surgical Ward using Conventional and Remote Automated Monitoring

Michael McGillion, Maura Marcucci , Flavia Borges , David Conen , Brenda Coleman, Krysten Gregus, Saman Parvaneh , Amal Bessisow, Ameen Patel , Prathiba Harsha , Carley Ouellette, Sandra Ofori , Daniel Sessler , P.J. Devereaux
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Page 17-27